‘O’ Levels Oral Intensive Class

 As the last lap of your child’s Chinese learning journey, take the opportunity to ramp up their oral skills and boost their scoring abilities. From being equipped with analytical skills to formulating stellar answers, your child’s exam confidence will reach its peak during the actual exam

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The Best Strategic ‘O’ Levels Oral Class

Key Scoring Skills

such as the enunciation of words in passage reading or ramping up their current affairs knowledge that have the potential to be tested during the examination are critical in setting your child up for oral success. The extra support and guidance will equip them with useful scoring techniques

An effective step-by-step process

will be shared with your child to help them make the most out of the short preparation time. Following this process during the actual exam will provide your child with sufficient time to plan and strategize their answers productively

1-to-1 practice runs 

will be conducted during each class to gauge your child’s conversational abilities and emphasize on their sentence structures. From there, a tailored strategy will be provided based on your child’s strengths and weaknesses so as to boost their exam confidence and ace the actual oral exams

Key Learning Outcomes

🗸 Gain confidence in excelling the oral exam as the curriculum is organised in digestible chunks

🗸 Be equipped with analytical skills to deep-dive into the tested theme

🗸 Get familiarised with different video content and formats to prepare for the examiner’s questions

🗸 Be trained to answer questions posed by the examiner and be able to include appropriate examples from their personal experiences

🗸 Formulate sound recommendations and opinions to answer higher-order questions

🗸 Gain time management strategies to make full use of the preparation duration


Our Class Structure

Our intensive classes are effectively designed by our Chinese teachers, using in-house created video material in line with the latest trending topics to enable your child to practice their listening and speaking skills.

Each class will run for a total of 2 hours, with a total of 10 themes covered.

1. Lesson

Tutor will share scoring strategies to ace the oral examination and provide consolidated material tailored to each theme

2. Watch Thematic Video

Students will watch a few short videos (1-5 mins each) based on the selected theme

3. Practice run

Students will engage in a discussion with the tutor according to the oral exam conditions

4. Q&A

Students can voice out the difficulties faced during the practice run and clarify their doubts with their tutor

Class Details

Sec 3 Higher Chinese and Sec 4 Express Chinese

Exam Dates: 7th July - 16th July

Intensive Dates: 27th June - 6th July

Timing: 7.30pm - 9.30pm

Pricing: $700 for Xuelin students, $900 for non-Xuelin students

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